Onida service center about us Mumbai is pleasant Home Apparatuses Service Center in Mumbai. It offers service, repair, and help for a vast varies of domestic appliances. For example, washing machine, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Microwave Oven, and Television. We have earned good faith and moreover confided in the company in Mumbai City in this service and repairing industry.


Onida Service Center in Mumbai Contact us has skilled engineers with eight years of involvement with the area fixing industry. We as a confided in professional co-op, make use of simple organization store components and special equipment. Subsequently, our service center presents three months’ spare parts assurance and a month service guaranty to make certain for all clients.

The management offers technicians at the customer’s doorstep to repair domestic appliances. We provide and arrange service engineers within an hour and a half after the involved complaints enrolled. When the professional indicates up, he will test and moreover dissect the contraption problems totally. Onida Service Center in Mumbai Contacts us Technician will make clear the difficulty of equipment and fixes it earlier than you after consumer permits to fix.

We do all kinds of Home apparatuses like washing machines, Fridge, AC, Microwave Oven, and Television.

Onida Service Center in Mumbai Contact us

Washing Machine:

The washing machine makes use to wash clothes instead of washing with hands. It used to shrink labor and moreover affiliation in Crushing moist garments. These days washers saw in every house on the grounds that in these busy lifestyles, humans adjusted to relax by means of making use of it. These are of four types basically

1.Front Load

Front-load washer utilized by way of everybody’s domestic on account that it fits for all Classes of people and uses much less vitality, water. It eliminates excessive strain blemishes on clothes successfully with much less water when contrasted with specific fashions of washers.

2. Top Load

Top load washers used to take off stains on clothes successfully barring using labor. It wants much less preservation contrasted with the front burden washers.

3. Semi-Automatic

Semi-Automatic washer utilized in every house in mild of accessibility in the economic layout too. This form of washing machine desires labor to take off clothes from washing bathtub and preserve washed clothes into drier to press.

4. Fully Automatic

A fully Automatic washer makes use of to wash clothes in a single tick with computerized settings in it. Mostly it uses more electricity and wants a lot of water moreover.

Our management provides professionals who can fix errors that may additionally occur in a large variety of washers. We send service engineers having excellent track records on fixing contraption with up and coming specialized information.


Fridges used in every house to store food such as milk, curd, powdered kind matters, and so on. Generally, fridges used for storing food for domestic purposes and likewise commercial purposes as well. Onida service center about us Mumbai Coolers are available from a low range of cost to an excessive range of value based on small print and liters of accessibility. Types of Refrigerators

1. Single Door

Single Door ice chests utilized mainly in the reasonable category of people who can manipulate the value of the least cost of the refrigerator. It is available for all classes of people and comes with basic features. In this type of fridge, everyone can store food, milk products, bakery food, etc.

2. Double Door

Double Door fridge makes use of to store a large quantity of all matters which include meat, vegetables, pastry kitchen matters, and Milk items. This type of cold storage is seen in rich people’s homes due to its availability at the cost of price. Its value high when compared with a single-door fridge. Normally it accompanies two doors, top and bottom doors. Regularly top door potion used for the capability of ice making and greens and so forth. Coming to the bottom door part, it can be used to store food, bakery items, meat, and dairy items.

3. Side by Side

Side by side fridge used for commercial purposes to store large quantities of liquids and dairy items. It is mainly utilized all in all stores, bread shops, and companies, and so on, to cool large quantities. This type of fridge comes with two doors one on left comparatively the second one on the left side. In any case, this ice chest available at a high price and moreover uses more energy of electricity contrasted with one-of-a-kind models.

We arrange skilled technicians to fix all troubles of fridges with special greater parts. Our service center gives doorstep service for all customers who cannot afford the value of their time at service centers. The management offers a service warranty for one month and ninety days warranty for spare parts fixed.

Air Conditioner:

Generally, AC used to revive in cool air in the summer season seasons. Because of hot local weather adjustments and warm surroundings, everyone makes use of air conditioners in their home. It is available at a high price and moreover quite a number of models. Kinds of Air Conditioners

  • Window AC
  • Split AC
  • Duct AC
  • Cassette AC
Window AC

The window Air conditioner is the basic type of model in Air coolers, it is available at low cost for a wide range of humans groups. Essentially this type consumes much less power of energy and needs manpower to pour water in it. It cools the littlest bit in the room and usually does not get large repairable issues.

Split AC

This sort of coolers utilized in all homes and it accompanies new details and highlights. It likewise uses more power of energy and can use through some remote devices. Split AC is available at a large fee compared with Window coolers. The specific highlights come in it like rapid cooling, section, and swing highlights.

Duct AC

In the Duct Air conditioning model consuming power, energy is high because it cools large parts of the area. It utilized for commercial purposes too. The range of price is high based on the features and the Arial part of the house.

Cassette AC

Cassette Air coolers utilized for commercial purposes and can cool big space. Commonly it uses in Banquet hall corridors, shopping Malls, and Conference halls, and so on. The Cost bit high compared with Duct AC and moreover consists of come in it.

The management affords service engineers to fix all kinds of AC problems with great knowledge in fixing apparatuses. We moreover provide a guarantee for service similarly spare parts in the back of doorstep service. Our service technicians are available 24/7 hours.


Television is a simple domestic Home appliance in all independents homes and so on. Since every person on this planet wishes to have entertainment and wants to know about what’s going on around the world. Onida service center about us Mumbai In everybody’s personal lifestyle, want to relax from stress so there is a simple single wish that is to watch Television. It is available in different models and different companies likewise differ in price moreover.

Our service center offers a large vary of fixes to a vast range of TV models. We supply professionals at your doorstep to fix administration and help with special greater parts. Experts have full records on most current TV fashions in the tournament that it receives inconveniences they can restore it in no time. The executives offer fantastic assistance on administration for multi-month additionally 9 days on components utilized whilst fixing.

Microwave Oven

Ovens become a compulsory domestic home appliance in everyone’s busy life. A single touch of a button can warm food, cook food, and defrost frozen food by using it within a few seconds. The usage of oven growing over the years and the quality similarly demand of these appliances also growing for its efficiency.

So the importance of maintaining it also should require because the kilns regularly used. The better way to keep the oven lifetime for longer is to clean it with a piece of cloth after using every time. Otherwise, the oven leaves a bad odor because the food and liquid spatter absorb energy. 

Onida is one of the biggest trusted names in the home appliances in Mumbai. Onida service center gives an outsized room for putting the home appliances. If you have any trouble with your product you no need to come and register the complaint or you can fill a book the service through our website. We will call you back and register the compliant within a short time we will send our technicians to your location. We have experts in this field they can well analyze the issue in your product.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge in repairing appliances with genuine spare parts. Especially our aim to provide same-day repair and service has helpful we earn a good respectable among our clients and customers. Our qualified service professionals based throughout India provide guaranteed super-fast home quality with the workmanship.

Our management comprises of the best technicians in this field and they are well trained for technical faculty. Further our service center provides 3 months warranty for spare parts and 1 month’s warranty for general service. Onida service center about us Mumbai Our especially to quick an identity, the customer care service will make a compliant registered with a number identity. To clarify one thing, we will repair only out of warranty products. To be sure it’s’ ours all our city to contact without wasting one second even ping a mail by filling the details in the contact form or make a call to our customer care despite. Another key point all brand appliances will get the repair at your doorstep at any time.

Washing machine:

A washing machine is an essential product that removes physical stress. We don’t need to rub the clothes without squeezing them to remove water from the clothes. Today home appliances are becoming the most essential part of our daily life because with that we are saving our time and concentrating on other important works which are pending more than we secure our health. It is so difficult to imagine daily life without branded home appliances.

If you have any issue in your product just make a call, we will send our technicians to your home itself they will say the exact problem in your product and provide the best service. Our professionals can solve all types of washing machines like front load, top load, and semi-automatic machines, etc. They can any problem in your washing machine like tub bearings may impair so the result of a bad seal might be replaced. Some things had been blocked in the washing machine that‘s why sound has come from the washing machine. It might simply be old or have gotten damaged because something was left in an item of clothing during a wash cycle. Check the drain hose connection to the drain pipe to be sure of your washing machine.


The refrigerator is a useful part of the kitchen in daily life. Elders and young refrigerator do not work properly you will face many problems with your refrigerator it cannot solve by yourself it can solve by technicians, who have well extensive knowledge of repairing the appliances with spare parts. Our technicians can repair all types of refrigerators like single doors, double doors, and side by a side door, etc. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to your home they will repair in front of you in hours. They can repair all problems in your refrigerators like the fridge is not cooling not only these all problems they can repair. Onida service center about us Mumbai The refrigerator consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump. Refrigerator delays the heat from inside to outside refrigerator cools the temperature below so that refrigerator cools inside due to the refrigerator it stops the reproduction of bacteria so it reduces the spoilage of bacteria. Our technicians are having good knowledge and there are experts in finding the internal faults. The technicians are very talented in this field; we will give the only service for you. There’ll be no problem with the feature again and again. 

Microwave oven:

A microwave oven is a small electronic box which makes our life’s easier by cooking the food quickly and easily. Our technicians can repair all types of microwave ovens like solo, grill, and convention. With grill microwave oven we can make the food items like Chicken, Bread, and a few, etc. And one of its functions is to reheat food quickly. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call, we will send our technicians to your house they will say the exact problem in your product and provide the best service for your affordable products. In this pandemic situation eating outside food is not so safe so a microwave oven is very important. And in this situation eating hot food is good for health so the microwave oven is playing a crucial role nowadays. And the microwave oven is a resourceful kitchen appliance that cooks the food called high-frequency waves called microwaves. Microwave ovens are convenient to use they are highly economical and heat the food faster.

Air conditioner:

An air conditioner is an expensive product that needs more maintenance.     The air conditioner is the process of removing heat and moisture from internal and occupied space to improve comfort for tenants. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call we will send our technicians to your home they will say the exact problem in your product and repair in hours. They can repair all types of air conditioners like split ac, duct ac, and cassette ac. split AC contains mainly two parts. One is a fixed outside the wall and an air conditioner placed inside the home. Onida service center about us Mumbai There is between the copper pipe which observes the heat and provides cool air. Split ac is too accumulated on the wall they are typically they are used in large rooms, dimension has quite and high quality. They don’t require window installation with the condenser and compressor.

TV Service Center:

TV has played a crucial role in this pandemic situation TV has been more used nowadays because more people have stayed at home. If you have any trouble with your product just make a call, we will send our professionals to your house they will repair your product and provides the best service. They can repair all problems on your TV like no sound only picture, Horizontal lines, TV is turned off by itself. They can repair all types of TVs like LED, LCD, etc.   

LED and LCD with great features, we are giving warranty spare parts. The most advanced technology of its time is 65 inches and 77inches with a combination of color contrast and curved screen. There is a budget TV that is coming with HD and higher in budget range TV with full HD. The between HD and full HD is 720pis the full HD is 1080p. These are the highest resolutions provided by any budget ranged TV’s.